A modern vision of brand representation

Staffing differently! Responsiveness, results, diversity.

Because the event is above all a catalyst of emotions, let's favor the relational rather than the image.

Hosts and hostesses with skills and personality!

We value diversity and favor dynamism, relationship or intellectual qualities.

The reign of the traditional hostess with a minimum size and grandmother's suit is over, giving way to freshness, sparkling eyes and a sincere smile.

Another vision of reception, more human and more authentic, which will respond much more warmly to traditional needs on any type of events: fairs, conventions, congresses, parties, inaugurations, sporting events, etc…

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Promo animators who really care about brands.

Create an emotional connection with your customers through quality interactions.

We select staff according to their interests and provide regular training for optimal results in the field.

Boost your sales thanks to the know-how of our field teams who will convince your consumers with a solid and effective message.

Improve your notoriety and build the loyalty of your consumers by trusting the ideal representative, who will be able to seduce customers by communicating your message while remaining faithful to your values .

At the end of the operation, receive detailed reports to analyze the performance and measure the ROI.

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Expert talents in their field that will make you stand out

Are you looking for the rare pearl?

Challenge us!

Bring your event to life by recruiting our actors, performers or artists of all kinds.

To dramatize operations or offer original animations (tattoos, barbers, circus artists, etc.), to bring a video game character to life or making the buzz with a star lookalike, we have all the talents.

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